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Approach to Learning

The YMCA Approach to Learning was developed through research based practises and via careful observations and conversations with Educators across all services. It’s all part of the Y’s holistic view on life. The YMCA Approach to Learning complements the important areas of health, nutrition and general well-being.

When we create an environment - or consider the experiences that we are offering to the children - we think about the whole child. Independence is encouraged. The child always has the right to determine their own actions and make their own choices.

Spontaneity is embraced. We provide the children with a flow to their day, rather than a timetable which dictates what will happen and when. Of course, the flow of the day does have routines, but these can vary according to the needs of the children and the choices that they make. We love to engage your child in learning! We bring learning to life!

We value process over product. For most children it’s about engaging in the experience of doing the task at hand - and not about whether they have something to take home at the end of the day. Sometimes a child will spend a long time building a structure, only to take one second to knock it all down! The look on their face says it all; pure joy!

We want to ensure that you know what your child is doing, whenever they are with us. We do this through our journals. They give you a glimpse into your child's day. We love to involve the whole family in your child's learning!

Programs are created with the children’s interests in mind and reflect the learning journeys that the children are all embarking upon. The documentation you can see displayed throughout the centre will show you the stories of what the children have been doing and why. Learning journeys are for everyone to share.

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